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The Preferred Facials for Different Skin Types

Exceedingly popular for many skin and mental health benefits, facials are perhaps one of the most effective tools for rejuvenation and relaxation!

From reducing negative thoughts and anxiety to improving blood circulation, facials go far beyond a regular wash with face foam.

However, this doesn’t mean that each facial serves the same purpose. Whereas a diamond facial may make you look like a million dollars, it won’t be able to give you the same level of muscle relief as, say, a back facial with hot stones.

So how do you decide which facial suits you best? We have all the answers!

For Regular Skin

If all you need is a cleaning and massage, the Express Facial will suit you just fine. Designed to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin, the facial tops it all off with a hydrating mask and moisturizer that’s tailored to your skin type.

For Sensitive Skin

You have two options: the European facial if you need the whole shebang, or a facial for sensitive skin. While the European facial is fine for almost all skin types, if you have wrinkled or dry, rough skin, the sensitive skin facial is a better choice, since it uses products that dissolve dead skin cells.

For Acne-Prone Skin

Acne is usually caused by blocked pores. Our acne facial cleanses and unblocks follicles, removes sebum and bacteria, and purifies your skin cells of any dirt and oils that may clog your pores.

For Clients with Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Anti-aging facial services in Gilbert are a dime a dozen. But what separates ours from the rest are the specific techniques, quality products, and ingredients that are used to target dry and damaged skin. As a result, you get brighter, tighter, and younger looking skin.

For Clients in Need of Some Pampering

You’re tired, and it shows! For the most luxurious experience, we offer the 24k gold and diamond facial. Each facial will cleanse your pores thoroughly, thus minimizing pigmentation and blemishes, and removing any dirt and dust that may have been giving your skin an ashen look.

For Sun-Tanned Skin

Our skin brightening facial polishes and buffs away any dead skin cells, using a micro-exfoliating cleanser to bring circulation back to your pores, thus illuminating your face.

The refreshing summer facial moisturizes your skin with heaps of vitamin C. Both are great options, so it’s up to you to choose whichever one your skin needs.

Made Your Choice?

Contact Replenish Skin Spa in Gilbert, AZ and book an appointment for a facial treatment!

Benefit from the right facial and give your skin the nutrients and relaxation it needs. You deserve it!

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