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Threading Services

What is Threading

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique utilizing 100% cotton thread that is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin, entwining the hair in the thread and then lifting in from the follicle. Threading is performed mostly on facial areas. It is a great way to shape the eyebrows.

The results last approximately three to eight weeks and the side effects can be less severe than with other hair removal methods.

Benefits of Threading

  • There are no chemicals, like, raisins, fragrance, colorants, are involved. Only cotton thread is used, that means there is no chance of an allergic reaction. There are no artificial products that can touch your skin and cause irritation. People with sensitive skin would benefit from threading which is an all-natural technique.

  • Threading is more precise, which is one of the biggest benefits over the other hair removal techniques. Multiple hairs can be removed at a time, still targeting specific hairs. That makes it a perfect eyebrow shaping technique. Unlike waxing, a threading artist has a perfect view of what he or she is doing at all times.

  • Hair is removed from the follicle (root), so the result lasts for weeks before the hair grows again.

  • It is painless, or less painful compared to the other methods of hair removal, provided it is performed by an expert.

  • It virtually requires no supplies, so it is mostly a cheaper way to remove the hair. The only items needed are a cotton thread and maybe cooling gel or lotion.

  • Someone who has a thin skin, or is on drugs, like, tropical retinoids or acne medications, that can thinner the skin, could benefit with this technique as waxing can cause damage by pulling of the vulnerable skin.

  • Threading saves time as it takes 5-15 minutes per session. Compared to tweezing that requires pulling hair by hair, threading can remove multiple hairs at once.

  • Threading is a technique that requires a great amount of skill and hours-upon-hours of practice to master. It is not recommended to go to a low-end salon as anybody can claim to know the skill, since certain states do not regulate this service with licensing requirement, and there is a potential to get the eyebrow shape damaged, that takes weeks or months to fix. Finding a good salon with reputation will ensure the desired eyebrow shape performed by a trained threading artist.

We at Replenish Skin Spa, specialize in painless eyebrow threading. Our expert esthetician has 10 years’ experience in performing this technique. We provide all threading services, including the full face threading. We are one of the best hair removal salons providing the wide range of hair removal services in Gilbert and the adjoining areas, including Chandler and Mesa. Visit our photo gallery to see eyebrow threading photos of our work.

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