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Eyebrow Lamination Services

What is Eyebrow Lamination?

Eyebrow or brow lamination creates the look of full, fluffy brows in one simple appointment by realigning the directional hair growth & enhancing the brow shape. It is basically like a perm for brows.

How long Eyebrow Lamination Lasts?

Eyebrow Lamination lasts for about 6 to 8 weeks.

What are the benefits of eyebrow lamination?

  • Cheaper and better alternative to microblading

  • Straighten your eyebrow hairs and encourage them to grow in the same direction

  • Lasts up to 6 to 8 weeks

  • Painless treatment

  • No downtime

However, people who are prone to breakouts or have eczema should avoid brow lamination because the chemicals used could lead to further irritation

Eyebrow lamination after care

  • Do not wet your eyebrows for 24-48 hours

  • Avoid touching the brow area at the risk of transferring oils

  • Do not apply makeup to the brows for 24 hours post-treatment

  • Do not apply Retin A, aha or exfoliate the brow area for 72 hours before or after the

  • treatment

  • No self-tanner products should be used on the face for at least 48 hours post-treatment

  • Apply LACQUER® Brow Balm daily (we suggest before bed)

  • Comb the hairs into place each day

Esthetician at Replenish Skin Spa is certified in Eyebrow Lamination. Please visit our spa for eyebrow lamination services in Gilbert. We use premium quality products from LACQUER®, which is the leading brand for eyebrow lamination kit. Our results speak for themselves. Visit our photo gallery to see eyebrow lamination photos of our work.

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