• Meenu Bhatnagar

A Diamond by Any Other Name—Is a Diamond Facial Treatment Worth It?

Think ‘diamond facial,’ and your mind immediately goes to someone rubbing diamonds on your face, making it look flawless in a matter of seconds.

As ludicrous as it sounds, a diamond facial does exactly that, but in a much more minimal fashion!

What’s in a Diamond Facial?

Infused with diamond dust, the products in a diamond facial are usually put together to ensure that the skin is cleaned to the greatest extent.

Typical diamond facial kits include lotions, scrubs, massage gels, and face masks, all of which are used to soothe the skin and remove impurities that are lodged in our pores.

Benefits of a Diamond Facial

The diamond dust in such facials is an excellent exfoliant that boosts cell regeneration while removing dead skin cells. Great for increasing metabolic functions, diamond facials use creams that work on your skin cells to increase blood circulation, and at the same time, feed your pores vital nutrients that are carried into the epidermal layers through your skin.

Consequently, your skin tightens, wrinkles and fine lines improve, blackheads and whiteheads are exfoliated and extracted, and the skin evens out in tone. In addition, when dead skin cells are removed, this lets your skin take in more moisture, which keeps it hydrated.

As a result, with a few treatments, your skin rejuvenates and repair itself. So with time, your facial muscles and skin become healthier and brighter, all thanks to the many nutritional ingredients and diamond dust.

Diamond Facials for Sensitive Skin

For those with sensitive skin, you may think that a diamond facial would be a big no-no, since diamond dust (a solid) would graze your face and give you micro-scratches.

However, this is only a concern if you buy a facial yourself and do it at home.

Getting a diamond facial from a professional spa or salon like us is safe for your skin (and your wallet), since you can be assured that the product will work well and is of a high quality. However, with at-home facials, unless you’ve done your research, you can never be sure if your purchased diamond facial will work right.

Is it Expensive?

In comparison to a basic facial, yes.

But at Replenish Skin Spa in Gilbert AZ, our diamond facial treatment is priced at $90, which is a lot more affordable than what you would get at other salons. And given how beneficial this is, even if it is pricey, the result of the facial makes this small fee worth it.

So Is It Worth It?

In a word, yes!

So book an appointment with Replenish Skin Spa for a facial service in Gilbert. Get a well-deserved luxury diamond facial!

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